Saturday, March 3, 2012

Next Orbit Spring Fling Drawing

I love gum! And now Orbit is having their own sweepstakes. You can find them in any Orbit product. You can text it, or enter it in their website. Pretty easy. The catch? You can only enter the code when they are open! They are only open on random days, during the day, for 24 hours. So if you want to be able to participate in this contest, you best make sure you get notified when the drawing is on, as there is now way to know.
They are giving away prizes like Home Depot gift cards, Target gift cards, Walgreens' gift cards, among other things,and of course Orbit gum packages, it just depends on the day.  It is easy. No purchase necessary. Need a code? No problem! They will give you and send it to your e-mail or phone, depending on your preferences. After registering, just click on need code right under the tab where you're supposed to enter the code. Good luck!

Here is the link!

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